Life Updates!!!!

I love having Aunt Ashley around, she is so fun, bubbly, and always working hard.

She always takes time to play with us.  I love it when she rubs my tummy, and when she runs with us or throw things for us to fetch!!


Lil bro Taco doesn’t really bark at her anymore!!

He actually told me that he loves hangin’ out with her, too!  He loves yapping with her but not AT her.  SO GREEEEAT!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LIFE!  Except I’m getting old… Yes, I said it again. :(

So ya know how I said Daddy gives me a shot once a week now because I’m getting old?  Well, he and Mommy are rubbing it in my face… they recently changed my food.  I no longer get what sissy and Taco eat.  I get something called “senior” food from Fromm.  It is yummy and has smaller bits, but there’s less protein so my poops are smaller!

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m on it, but it still tastes yummy and makes me feel full and happy… will update if I start to feel otherwise!


Mommy and daddy changed my food. I no longer get what sissy and my little brother eat. I eat something called “senior” foood from From. It is yummy, has smaller bits, but less protein so my poops are smaller… i dont know why im on it, but it still tastes yummy and makes me feel full and happy…
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Hey people!!

Sooo the Pack says that we are now on “Instagram”.  I have no idea what that is, but supposedly it’s a pretty big deal… Mommy says our handle is @metropaws_llc and to follow The Love & Licks Foundation at @loveandlicksfoundation !

Apparently we do some pretty pawtastic giveaways and promotions, and we just post overall AWESOME stuff that’s always so bark worthy!!  SO YOU SHOULD FOLLOW US!

Oh, hehe, Auntie Ashley reminded me to say that we are also on Twitter!  (What kind of creature goes “tweet tweet”, anyway?  I personally like “woof” better.)  We are at @metropaws and L&L is at @love_and_licks… we may be doing a giveaway soon! :)

ANYWAY, back to the real talk… Taco is getting more attention than me.  I am staying home nowadays more so than before because I am getting old… yes, I said it again.  I just don’t like traveling in cars anymore!!  Meanwhile, Taco is a terror and so he gets to travel everywhere.. oh, to be his age again….


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As you may or may not know, it has been SOOO STINKIN’ HOT!

So as usual, I decided to go swimming before we all went to work today.  The warehouse at work has a cold dirty floor, so it makes me dirty and my belly cold when I lay on it. :(

But I told Mommy and Daddy that I wanna go swimming and dammit, I went… they say that sometimes I can be so stubborn and stuff!!  But I mean, swimming is a must for me.  Sometimes I need it more than I need food!

Just tryna stay comfy here in Los Angeles… WOOF

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Old? Or forever young?

So I never thought I would say something like this… but I am getting old.

Yes, I said it. But HOW CAN IT BE?!  I am STONE!  I am a MODEL!  And I am Mommy’s favorite thing on the planet… I think.  Even more so than Daddy?  Hmm.

I am what humans say “11 and a half”.  Sooo.. Mommy and Daddy say that’s different from my age in DOG.  So in “dog years”, I am… 80 and half?! WHAT??

Daddy gives me a shot once a week called Adequin to help me when I’m stiff.  And I guess it works.  It does make me happy, and I do swim more.  Which is what I loove doing, more so than sissy Mitzvah and lil bro Taco.  That’s MY activity.  So I guess I am fine with the shot if it lets me swim as much as I used to when I was “younger”!! :'(

In the meantime, I’ll be fartin’, droolin’ and rompin’.  As usual.  Old age can’t stop me!! WOOOOOOOOF


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All alone because of SUPER ZOOOOOO 2015!!!

Hello everyone!!

So Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Bradley went to a place called Las Vegas for a big doggy show. I hope they bring me and sissy (and yes, I guess Taco) toys home… Especially since I seem to be losing mine all the time now!

Taco has been annoying me because he’s the one who has been hiding toys EVERYWHERE in the house.  Except he’s gone with Mommy and Daddy.  Why does he get the free stuff?! Grr.

But I do have fun when they’re gone. I still get to swim in my pool and run around with sissy.

Everyone has been gone for what feels like FOREVER, but in reality it’s only been a few days!  But they come back soon, I think.

Until then… it’ll be more eating, sleeping and swimming… with fewer and fewer toys every time.  Help!!


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So many pups, not enough time…

Hello errybody!

So last night, Daddy, Uncle Bradley, Aunt Ashley and I went to something Daddy calls a “dog show” in Downtown Los Angeles!

And what a show it was… There were SO MANY DOGS I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I was so excited, I was running around the cathedral courtyard with so many new friends!  Daddy, Uncle Bradley and Aunt Ashley were busy talking to lots of people about our stuff.

We also had a big tin of “all you can grab poop bags for $2!”  People went NUTS for it!  And then… one dog tried to mark his territory on it. :\

Anyway, it was so much fun… Until next time!! WOOF


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Fourth of July Fireworks – No Thank You!

That’s right, folks… the holiday is TODAY, and I would just like to remind you all of some things that we, dogs, do NOT like!

1) FIREWORKS.  They scare us.  Every time I hear them, I get so scared and run into the bathrooms at home because they either have no windows or very small windows.

2) FIREWORKS.  They are so loud and hurt my ears!!  We do not like fireworks because they can give us panic attacks or even heart attacks!

3) FIREWORKS.  Mommy and Daddy know that we should stay away from them, so they keep us inside.  I hope our friends out there do the same.  Woof!

BUT… I hope that you all have a great and safe holiday!!!  Make sure that you don’t forget about us when you do watch the fireworks!  Today is a day of celebration and festivities with humans AND us ;) and to celebrate Independence Day!

This doggy gives thanks this Thanksgiving!

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