Oops, he did it again…

Toozday is always a great day.

Except recently, lil bro Taco has been stirrin up even MORE trouble… SOO SURPRISING!?!

OK. SO BASICALLY, this is what’s been going down.

Daddy bought Mommy not one, not two, but THREE pair of Mommy’s favorite sandals… but each and every time, Taco did this.


Yeah.  Mommy was not pleased.

But then he tried to look all “cute” with sissy later… which looked like this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.41.51 AM

Anyway. More updates to come later… Stoney out! WOOF

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Innovators, not IMMITATORS!

OK, so Mommy just told me I spelled “Immitators” wrong… but what do I know, I’m a dog.     And I think I’m a pretty smart one at that!

But I get it.  What she means is that we make stuff happen.  We make stuff.  And we make good quality, cute stuff that WORKS.  So it’s like a NO-BRAINER! (Pretty sure I used that term correctly? Woof.)

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.01.00 AM

Today I was rompin’ around the office and noticed a $10 bill (that’s “money”, right?) sitting behind Daddy’s desk.  And I had never noticed it before!  So I asked Daddy what was the meaning of it, and he said that was the first EVER $10 from a customer for Mommy and Daddy’s Metro Paws business, when it first started like eight years ago in NYC.

So my first thought was: OH. MY. WOOF.

That means that’s $10 that they’re not using to buy me food or toys??  What kind of hutzpah is that??  I’m old so I need better food, and I have Taco as a lil bro so I need more toys.  I mean, sometimes I don’t understand Mommy or Daddy… but I can’t really woof about it because they don’t understand me!


In the meantime, I’ll be deciding how to get my paws on it… heh heh heh

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Every Day is Pool Day

Hey y’all!

Just wanted to tell you guys all about how Mitzy and I went swimmin’ together the other day… now, usually it’s just me. I’m always jumping in… heck, I even have a routine and nobody can mess with it!

But the other day, it was something like 100 degrees (at least, that’s what Auntie Ashley said), and I was like HECK NO, IT’S TOO HOT.  So I jumped in, started paddling around… and I see Auntie Ashley laughing.  That’s when I decided to really WERK.  I swam from one end of my pool to the other, just paddling away (I think humans call it “doggy paddling?”) and then I turn around, and I see Mitzy also swimming! As her big bro, I was really proud and that it was pawsome!!!

Daddy had thrown Mitzy a ball at first, and it kept going to the edge of the pool, so she could be lazy and just pick it up from the side.  Not very pawtastic or impressive.  So I didn’t expect her to jump in, but I guess Daddy and Auntie Ashley were so set on making her jump in that they threw the ball into the middle of the pool.  So she had no choice but to jump in, but let me tell you- she swims so fast!!!  Maybe even faster than me, her big bro.

Only time will tell if that was just luck! ;P

IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5815

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So lil bro Taco did it… AGAIN.

Mommy and Daddy gave him a break and let him play with his favorite toy, a cute stuffed bone when they left the house!  LITTLE DID THEY KNOW, he would do this.

In case you can’t tell, all over Mommy and Daddy’s rug in front of the door is the FLUFF of the bone!

Now, folks… this ALWAYS happens!!  Me and Mitzy just sit there, or we’ll yap about the weather and about whose paws are bigger because we like staying out of trouble.  But lil bro Taco gets BORED.  He’s used to messin’ up stuff and tearin’ stuff apart – and it’s not because he’s mad or anything, he just looooovveeess showing who’s boss!  I guess the bone really learned its lesson…

Let’s see what he’ll do next…

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Taco’s Latest Shenanigans…

Ohhhh boy.

Taco is a lil stinker, always asking Daddy to give him some meat and other goodies from his lunch.

So yesterday, Daddy went to some place called Chipotle and got this rice bowl thingy, and he had beef in it!  So lil bro Taco went nuts.  I mean, just absolutely CRAZY… he wouldn’t leave Daddy alone, he kept yapping and crawling all over Daddy’s desk to get more meat.

And then, Mitzy came over and started asking Daddy for some stuff.  Darn little rascal Taco is!  It made me jealous, a little, but then I remembered that I gotta stay away from that stuff sometimes.

Afterward, Daddy had a bobblehead on his desk, and when Taco was climbing all over it, he was poking at it.  Haha.  It was actually kinda funny, because every time Taco would poke at it with his nose, the head would just swing back and forth!

I wonder if Taco will ever learn… but then again, I kinda hope he never does…. WOOFIMG_5576IMG_5580

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At the warehouse, that is!

OK people, so please tell me: what is “FedEx”???  Uncle Bradley and Daddy always have them come every day to pick up packages.

It goes like this.  The truck shows up, lil bro Taco barks up the wazzoo because he gets all territorial and protective and excited and stuff, I start yapping, Mitzy kind of just sits there and doesn’t do anything (she’s the chill one!), and Uncle Bradley and/or Daddy will have to go to the truck at the front of the warehouse to apologize for Taco.  And then the FedEx guy will take the “MP” boxes at the front.  Or from the back, if Uncle Bradley is still working on the orders and packaging the boxes!!

Anyway, they say that the boxes go to other stores throughout AMERICA… that’s so weird to me!  The country is so big… it’s cray that our product is traveling all over!!  I love how people love us, it makes me happy that Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Bradley and Auntie Ashley are running a biz that makes good stuff and makes other people happy!

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Life Updates!!!!

I love having Aunt Ashley around, she is so fun, bubbly, and always working hard.

She always takes time to play with us.  I love it when she rubs my tummy, and when she runs with us or throw things for us to fetch!!


Lil bro Taco doesn’t really bark at her anymore!!

He actually told me that he loves hangin’ out with her, too!  He loves yapping with her but not AT her.  SO GREEEEAT!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LIFE!  Except I’m getting old… Yes, I said it again. :(

So ya know how I said Daddy gives me a shot once a week now because I’m getting old?  Well, he and Mommy are rubbing it in my face… they recently changed my food.  I no longer get what sissy and Taco eat.  I get something called “senior” food from Fromm.  It is yummy and has smaller bits, but there’s less protein so my poops are smaller!

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m on it, but it still tastes yummy and makes me feel full and happy… will update if I start to feel otherwise!


Mommy and daddy changed my food. I no longer get what sissy and my little brother eat. I eat something called “senior” foood from From. It is yummy, has smaller bits, but less protein so my poops are smaller… i dont know why im on it, but it still tastes yummy and makes me feel full and happy…
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