Fourth of July Fireworks – No Thank You!

That’s right, folks… the holiday is TODAY, and I would just like to remind you all of some things that we, dogs, do NOT like!

1) FIREWORKS.  They scare us.  Every time I hear them, I get so scared and run into the bathrooms at home because they either have no windows or very small windows.

2) FIREWORKS.  They are so loud and hurt my ears!!  We do not like fireworks because they can give us panic attacks or even heart attacks!

3) FIREWORKS.  Mommy and Daddy know that we should stay away from them, so they keep us inside.  I hope our friends out there do the same.  Woof!

BUT… I hope that you all have a great and safe holiday!!!  Make sure that you don’t forget about us when you do watch the fireworks!  Today is a day of celebration and festivities with humans AND us ;) and to celebrate Independence Day!

This doggy gives thanks this Thanksgiving!

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Taco + Ice = Love

So it’s another HOT HOT day in LA… and lil bro Taco is all over ICE.

Daddy just bought a huge new fan… I’m talkin’ GINORMOUS. It’s basically the size of a washing machine??  Anyway, the warehouse is what Aunt Ashley says is “90 degrees” or something… I feel like that’s pretty hot.

I’m burning up, and when I’m hot, I’m more lazy. But Taco still has so much energy; he’s running around and yapping.  Today, he wouldn’t stop barking at this one lady who came in.

But anyway, Daddy gave him some of the ice he got for the fan.  And it looks like this:


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Los Angeles Has Me Sweatin’

So I am from New York City.  Where it gets soooo hot in the summer.  So when Mommy and Daddy and I moved to Los Angeles, I was excited because thought it would be so much cooler!!

But in the warehouse, it’s JUST. AS. HOT.

Most days, I’m burnin’ up because I’ve already got so much fur and all this meat on me!  So when I see Mommy and Daddy sweating because of how hot it is in the warehouse, I know they don’t understand just how HOT I am!

Sometimes, they will let me, Mitzy and Taco go into the room with the AC because it is so hot.  But in the big warehouse, there is no AC… just a bunch of loud fans!  Thankfully, Mommy and Daddy will let me jump in the pool at home after we get home from work, and it is soo nice.  I love swimming the most.

LA is great, but sometimes I miss NYC, because sometimes I feel we might as well still be there when it’s THIS HOT!!!

So I’d just like to remind you humans to please keep your babies INSIDE with lots of water!!!  And the blacktop pavement is super hot, and it can burn our feet, so please watch for that, too!  The ground is burning up and it can make us burn up even more as well!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

My Aunt Megan came over today to take some pics, and she and Daddy gave us lots of treats!

Mommy says they were for a photoshoot for a new product Metro Paws is launching soon… I can’t yap about it just yet, but it’s definitely bark worthy!

I got to pose with sissy and lil bro today.  Mommy put two different shirts on me and they were both very soft. :) I had missed modeling – I used to do it so much for so many companies back in the day….  Mommy and Daddy say it’s because I look good in pictures.  I think I do, too. :P

I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s coming! WOOF!


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Meet Aunt Ashley!

Another fun, young person joined us today, Aunt Ashley!!

Aunt Ashley says she has two cats, and she says she’s a “cat lady”, but she seems to really love me, Mitzy and Taco.  I see her on the computer, writing stuff and sending important emails to a lot of different humans.  Sometimes she runs around with Uncle Bradley and boxes things up, too!

Aunt Ashley loves to pet sissy and bro and me, but for some reason, Taco is always barking at her!  I tell him not to, but then he just seems like he really enjoys it so sometimes I join in, too. ;P

Mommy and Daddy say she will be here for the summer or maybe even longer!  Let’s hope Taco will eventually stop barking at her!!  Haha!


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Taco Isn’t Leaving!

So the little dog who came to Mommy and Daddy a couple days ago isn’t leaving… He’s living at home with sissy and me.  He still runs around with me, which I like!  But sometimes he runs too much.  When I don’t want to run anymore, he wants to run… he has sooo much energy.

He is always here.  He licks me and he tries to play with me… he even hides my toys and buries them in the backyard!  It takes me forever to find them :'(

But oh well.  Mommy and Daddy love him, so I will learn to eventually… I do like him so far…


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Lil Bro Taco

So something really weird happened today… While I was guarding the front of our warehouse, some little doggy came right up to me and sissy.

Daddy called him “Taco”.  I don’t know why!  Maybe because he is small and he kept following the taco truck??

Anyway, I didn’t really know how I felt at first.  I know I’ll always be #1… Or I hope so, at least!  But he always follows me around.  And he barks at EVERYTHING.  Everyone who walks in, including Uncle Bradley!

I think that we can become best friends soon, though.  Taco loves running… I love running… I think this could be something really cool. :)


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