a wet one…from DADDY!!!

Ok, so here’s the deal…I love water, and I mean I looooove water, but this bath stuff….mmm not so much! So my daddy was complaining that I was getting a little stinky, which HELLO!

I’m a dog…and a male…& I like stinky!

Anyway, my daddy beckons me into the bathroom, tries really hard to convince me it’s just like the lake at Grandma’s and the Ocean in Fire Island…but I’m not buyin’ it!

I mean seriously, do my parents think I’m that gullible?! Boy, blondes really do get a bad rap huh! So I go ahead and get in because not only am I trained really well, but my parents usually give me a yummy treat after I take a bath so it’s worth it in the end.

My daddy however has NEVER given this dog a bath yet. Mommy has done many but Daddy…mmm not so much! woof woof. Daddy started humming, and scrubbing, and rinsing and repeat. He was actually doing a really good job and his massage skills are really good, and I mean REALLY good! And so Mommy wanted to remember this moment forever so…I….well…check me out!

ummm...are we done yet?

ummm...are we done yet?

Now PLEASE don’t laugh at me, I know I look miserable, but I’m really not, really! And I guess in the end, it’s not so bad…cause I get a reward, I smell SO delicious that all the Babes at Biscuits & Bath want a piece of me, and…it is a bonding experience for me and my Daddy and that’s the best part of it all!

The other stuff is just PRO BONO! (oh how I love pro-bono, woof!) And so now I get my treat, gulp!, Daddy is proud, and DON’T tell anyone…but I actually like being soft and feelin’ clean all over! And to all you mommy’s and daddy’s out there that don’t know if they can give their doggies a bath…trust me…….”Anything’s Pawsable!”

About Stoneynibbles

STONE is the inspiration for Los Angeles based MetroPaws LLC. MetroPaws is designs, manufacturers, and sells Poopy Packs compostable, designer, dog waste bags, The Poopcase, The Metro Pads, and The Metro Tote, all items can be found at http://www.metropaws.com. Stone is an 83lb, male, yellow Labrador who grew up in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. He has an amazing sense of humor, the sweetest "old soul" around that loves his cookies, his bitches, and his squeaky balls. WOOF.
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