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Recession Doggies…

Times must be financially tough these days. I walked by some Chic boutique the other day and they had this crazy sign in the window. The whole idea of going into a random store and buying a dog, where you, … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet…Woof Woof.

I know people see us dogs as pets, I mean we are great pets after all, so great we’re more like companions, but seriously now, someone please tell me WHAT’S WITH ALL THE BIRDS? I don’t know what it is, … Continue reading

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The BirdLady

Oh boy…another day and another bird person in NYC. This particular lady decided to take her birds out for a walk, I don’t know if she is buying a pretzel for her or them, or maybe both, but either way, … Continue reading

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The BirdMan

Wow! What does a group of dirty NYC pigeons and a bored man without a dog or little friends do at Washington Square Park on a beautiful day? This dog doesn’t want to ruin the surpise, just check out these … Continue reading

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Making Out with an Old Girlfriend

You know the saying “old habits never die?” Well its true, my old girlfriend and I finally had a little one on one time and we started back up where we had left off. We played and played for what … Continue reading

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Super Stone

So some genius decided to put this poster on the street… It looks a little like it was made with my name in mind, you know with the “S” and my name being “Stone”. Anyway, I heard about this Superman … Continue reading

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A Big Dog Deserves a Big Bone

Supposedly my parents put me on a dog weight management program for the summer… Hence the Biscuits & Bath summer workout. In addition to everything else I haven’t had treats in days, neither Dog nor human scraps. My parents seem … Continue reading

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