Super Stone



So some genius decided to put this poster on the street… It looks a little like it was made with my name in mind, you know with the “S” and my name being “Stone”.

Anyway, I heard about this Superman guy, and although I don’t think I can beat him in a fight, I need you to all know I’m pretty ‘fierce’ myself.

You can just call me Super Stone, I mean I’m already the inspiration for this site itspawsablenyc. Who knows, Im a good looking dog who could definately kick some tush if necessary.  I mean I’m a big dog, who can protect and intimidate if necessary, but I’m really a big Teddybear inside, don’t tell anyone though.

About Stoneynibbles

STONE is the inspiration for Los Angeles based MetroPaws LLC. MetroPaws is designs, manufacturers, and sells Poopy Packs compostable, designer, dog waste bags, The Poopcase, The Metro Pads, and The Metro Tote, all items can be found at Stone is an 83lb, male, yellow Labrador who grew up in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. He has an amazing sense of humor, the sweetest "old soul" around that loves his cookies, his bitches, and his squeaky balls. WOOF.
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