Poor Portland Dogs…

Sitting on the sidewalk waiting...

Sitting on the sidewalk waiting...

My daddy saw an article the other day about a new dog problem in Portland, Oregon. Supposedly the Oregon Agricultural Department has had a lot of complaints from people that dog owners have had my fellow dogs go into grocery stores with them. In NYC this doesn’t happen, it’s just not allowed unless you are a service dog, but out there, supposedly people bring their untrained dogs into the grocery stores. People have complained, and rightfully so I think, because these dogs have peed and licked food on the shelves before people can buy them. Now, I love to street snack and all, but I know better than to ever grab or lick at food indoors anywhere unless given! And…do you believe that a dog peed on perfectly good food??? Gross. Why not just poop on it too?

As a well trained dog I would never do such a thing, but once again my mommy and daddy don’t allow me to go into the grocery stores…ever! In many ways, the “humanization” of dogs within the American family base, is growing. Supposedly people are seeing us dogs more and more like family, which we love of course, but as such, the lines between what people and dogs are allowed to do together is getting blurred. There are just some places dogs are not allowed, and that’s ok with me, because there are a lot of places that do allow us, and for that I am grateful!

I am my parents child, like it or not people. I am also spoiled in that they HAVE taken the time to train me properly. Sometimes it hurts when I am several feet away on the sidewalk from my parent’s table, or left alone in the apartment because there are places I just can not go. But in the end, I know my parents don’t love me any less………in fact, when they come home, they miss me so much I get extra hugs ‘n kisses ‘n sometimes a treat!

About Stoneynibbles

STONE is the inspiration for Los Angeles based MetroPaws LLC. MetroPaws is designs, manufacturers, and sells Poopy Packs compostable, designer, dog waste bags, The Poopcase, The Metro Pads, and The Metro Tote, all items can be found at http://www.metropaws.com. Stone is an 83lb, male, yellow Labrador who grew up in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. He has an amazing sense of humor, the sweetest "old soul" around that loves his cookies, his bitches, and his squeaky balls. WOOF.
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