A Dog’s Reaction to NYC’s BAN on Large Dogs & Housing…

Is this my future...?

Is this my future...?

My dad read some paper called The New York Times today, and in it was an article about how dogs expected to be over 25 pounds at full maturity can no longer live with people in subsidized NYC housing. I am 103 pounds, and that means that I can not live with my parents if times get tough and they need to live in NYC subsidized housing? But I’m 5 years old and can’t imagine living with anyone else and being sent away from my parents. And boy would my parents be sad. NO WAY! If a person is 6ft 5″ tall, taller than the average person, can live in public housing…then why can’t a bigger dog like myself live there? I would not even take up the space of a 6′ person for that matter. Just something I’ve been thinking about…

It’s already hard enough for a big dog in the city. Many non-dog people, many kids, and even some dog owners with small dogs try to run across the street to avoid me once they see this big dog walking down the street towards them.  No offense but unless you have a yummy cheeseburger I’m really not too interested in what you have going on…And if you do have a cheeseburger, I’ll probably just sit in front of you and drool until you feel sorry enough and throw me a little bit of your food…

It’s tough out there for a big dog. I can’t go into restaurants, Best Buy, Kmart, Crate & Barrel, or many boutiques unless my parents have had their Wheaties and can pick me up and carry me around (and THAT is NEVER going to happen).  I’m proud of being a big yellow English lab, I’m strong, confident, kind, gentle, and smart. So, please next time you see a big dog, remember we have feelings too, and can be well trained lovers like me…anything’s pawsable!

About Stoneynibbles

STONE is the inspiration for Los Angeles based MetroPaws LLC. MetroPaws is designs, manufacturers, and sells Poopy Packs compostable, designer, dog waste bags, The Poopcase, The Metro Pads, and The Metro Tote, all items can be found at http://www.metropaws.com. Stone is an 83lb, male, yellow Labrador who grew up in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. He has an amazing sense of humor, the sweetest "old soul" around that loves his cookies, his bitches, and his squeaky balls. WOOF.
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