Among The Snow Men

Sharing the park with some Snow Men

Sharing the park with some Snow Men

Whewww. All of this snow in the city has been really fun…and quiet! Once it snows a few inches, this silly city shuts down, businesses close, schools close, MTA closes, and ME? Well, I’m not scared of a little snow and because of it, the other day I had the whole park to myself, the day before that I had the

playground all to myself and today, I shared the park with just a few other doggy friends but also some “snow people” (kinda looked like a snow family, but what do i know?)… Would you believe it if I told you I made those snow people? grrrffff! ;)

The snow feels so nice on my paw pads, it’s cold, and wet and it’s easier to walk around too because the ground is soft, and there are less people on the streets and in the parks. But no matter how long I go out, whether its for a quick walk or a long romp in the snow, my parents make sure to ALWAYS not only dry off my coat, but my paw pads too…

It is so important for you doggy parents to wipe off our paws after we come in from the streets!!! The salt being put down for prevention of slipping and what not for humans on the sidewalks, is the very same material that can be a silent killer for “us” dogs. Most salts, unless environmentally safe/pet friendly, are POISONOUS! Once we dogs come in from out on the streets, we will immediately tend to lick the salt off of our pads to clean them, and we as dogs are very aware that it is an icky substance that we don’t like, and don’t want it on us. Therefor once we lick our paws, the poison is beginning to get into our systems, and thus can result in anything from runny poopy for a few days, some vomiting, or even if enough is ingested…death can occur.

Please, please be careful and kind to us when coming in from the snow, clean off our paw pads, and make everyone’s life safer by one simple task. Or even another option, you can get doggy boots like I have here from Pawz, which are like having balloons on my paws, and it keeps them dry and clean. Once everyone gets into the habit, its quick and easy and worry free!!! I like baths, so sometimes my mommy or daddy will just put my feet in a couple inches of water in the tub, and WOOF-LA!!! Clean Paws! Also, keeping our paw pads clean will prevent them from any other infections too that can arise.

Just another way I can try to help out my fellow dog friends so that we can ALL enjoy our fun in the snow!!! BTW, I thought I overheard my parents say that it won’t be snowing for a long time again, something about Spring??? What’s that? Hmmmmm…

About Stoneynibbles

STONE is the inspiration for Los Angeles based MetroPaws LLC. MetroPaws is designs, manufacturers, and sells Poopy Packs compostable, designer, dog waste bags, The Poopcase, The Metro Pads, and The Metro Tote, all items can be found at Stone is an 83lb, male, yellow Labrador who grew up in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. He has an amazing sense of humor, the sweetest "old soul" around that loves his cookies, his bitches, and his squeaky balls. WOOF.
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