Los Angeles Has Me Sweatin’

So I am from New York City.  Where it gets soooo hot in the summer.  So when Mommy and Daddy and I moved to Los Angeles, I was excited because thought it would be so much cooler!!

But in the warehouse, it’s JUST. AS. HOT.

Most days, I’m burnin’ up because I’ve already got so much fur and all this meat on me!  So when I see Mommy and Daddy sweating because of how hot it is in the warehouse, I know they don’t understand just how HOT I am!

Sometimes, they will let me, Mitzy and Taco go into the room with the AC because it is so hot.  But in the big warehouse, there is no AC… just a bunch of loud fans!  Thankfully, Mommy and Daddy will let me jump in the pool at home after we get home from work, and it is soo nice.  I love swimming the most.

LA is great, but sometimes I miss NYC, because sometimes I feel we might as well still be there when it’s THIS HOT!!!

So I’d just like to remind you humans to please keep your babies INSIDE with lots of water!!!  And the blacktop pavement is super hot, and it can burn our feet, so please watch for that, too!  The ground is burning up and it can make us burn up even more as well!

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