Fourth of July Fireworks – No Thank You!

That’s right, folks… the holiday is TODAY, and I would just like to remind you all of some things that we, dogs, do NOT like!

1) FIREWORKS.  They scare us.  Every time I hear them, I get so scared and run into the bathrooms at home because they either have no windows or very small windows.

2) FIREWORKS.  They are so loud and hurt my ears!!  We do not like fireworks because they can give us panic attacks or even heart attacks!

3) FIREWORKS.  Mommy and Daddy know that we should stay away from them, so they keep us inside.  I hope our friends out there do the same.  Woof!

BUT… I hope that you all have a great and safe holiday!!!  Make sure that you don’t forget about us when you do watch the fireworks!  Today is a day of celebration and festivities with humans AND us 😉 and to celebrate Independence Day!

This doggy gives thanks this Thanksgiving!

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