Old? Or forever young?

So I never thought I would say something like this… but I am getting old.

Yes, I said it. But HOW CAN IT BE?!  I am STONE!  I am a MODEL!  And I am Mommy’s favorite thing on the planet… I think.  Even more so than Daddy?  Hmm.

I am what humans say “11 and a half”.  Sooo.. Mommy and Daddy say that’s different from my age in DOG.  So in “dog years”, I am… 80 and half?! WHAT??

Daddy gives me a shot once a week called Adequin to help me when I’m stiff.  And I guess it works.  It does make me happy, and I do swim more.  Which is what I loove doing, more so than sissy Mitzvah and lil bro Taco.  That’s MY activity.  So I guess I am fine with the shot if it lets me swim as much as I used to when I was “younger”!! 😥

In the meantime, I’ll be fartin’, droolin’ and rompin’.  As usual.  Old age can’t stop me!! WOOOOOOOOF


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