At the warehouse, that is!

OK people, so please tell me: what is “FedEx”???  Uncle Bradley and Daddy always have them come every day to pick up packages.

It goes like this.  The truck shows up, lil bro Taco barks up the wazzoo because he gets all territorial and protective and excited and stuff, I start yapping, Mitzy kind of just sits there and doesn’t do anything (she’s the chill one!), and Uncle Bradley and/or Daddy will have to go to the truck at the front of the warehouse to apologize for Taco.  And then the FedEx guy will take the “MP” boxes at the front.  Or from the back, if Uncle Bradley is still working on the orders and packaging the boxes!!

Anyway, they say that the boxes go to other stores throughout AMERICA… that’s so weird to me!  The country is so big… it’s cray that our product is traveling all over!!  I love how people love us, it makes me happy that Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Bradley and Auntie Ashley are running a biz that makes good stuff and makes other people happy!

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