Taco’s Latest Shenanigans…

Ohhhh boy.

Taco is a lil stinker, always asking Daddy to give him some meat and other goodies from his lunch.

So yesterday, Daddy went to some place called Chipotle and got this rice bowl thingy, and he had beef in it!  So lil bro Taco went nuts.  I mean, just absolutely CRAZY… he wouldn’t leave Daddy alone, he kept yapping and crawling all over Daddy’s desk to get more meat.

And then, Mitzy came over and started asking Daddy for some stuff.  Darn little rascal Taco is!  It made me jealous, a little, but then I remembered that I gotta stay away from that stuff sometimes.

Afterward, Daddy had a bobblehead on his desk, and when Taco was climbing all over it, he was poking at it.  Haha.  It was actually kinda funny, because every time Taco would poke at it with his nose, the head would just swing back and forth!

I wonder if Taco will ever learn… but then again, I kinda hope he never does…. WOOFIMG_5576IMG_5580

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