So lil bro Taco did it… AGAIN.

Mommy and Daddy gave him a break and let him play with his favorite toy, a cute stuffed bone when they left the house!  LITTLE DID THEY KNOW, he would do this.

In case you can’t tell, all over Mommy and Daddy’s rug in front of the door is the FLUFF of the bone!

Now, folks… this ALWAYS happens!!  Me and Mitzy just sit there, or we’ll yap about the weather and about whose paws are bigger because we like staying out of trouble.  But lil bro Taco gets BORED.  He’s used to messin’ up stuff and tearin’ stuff apart – and it’s not because he’s mad or anything, he just looooovveeess showing who’s boss!  I guess the bone really learned its lesson…

Let’s see what he’ll do next…

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