Every Day is Pool Day

Hey y’all!

Just wanted to tell you guys all about how Mitzy and I went swimmin’ together the other day… now, usually it’s just me. I’m always jumping in… heck, I even have a routine and nobody can mess with it!

But the other day, it was something like 100 degrees (at least, that’s what Auntie Ashley said), and I was like HECK NO, IT’S TOO HOT.  So I jumped in, started paddling around… and I see Auntie Ashley laughing.  That’s when I decided to really WERK.  I swam from one end of my pool to the other, just paddling away (I think humans call it “doggy paddling?”) and then I turn around, and I see Mitzy also swimming! As her big bro, I was really proud and that it was pawsome!!!

Daddy had thrown Mitzy a ball at first, and it kept going to the edge of the pool, so she could be lazy and just pick it up from the side.  Not very pawtastic or impressive.  So I didn’t expect her to jump in, but I guess Daddy and Auntie Ashley were so set on making her jump in that they threw the ball into the middle of the pool.  So she had no choice but to jump in, but let me tell you- she swims so fast!!!  Maybe even faster than me, her big bro.

Only time will tell if that was just luck! ;P

IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5815

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