Summer’s Over But The Party Ain’t….

Ay yo.

So do you remember how I told y’all that our product won the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award for Pet Product News??

Well I guess they love us so much, they wanted to give us a quick shoutout again!!!


This is Mommy holding our award and THE POOPCASE!  AKA the winner of the award… look how shiny and pretty it is 🙂

If you wanna look at the full list of all the pawtastic winners, check it out here!

Anyway, if you’re wondering how life’s been… it’s been PAWSOME, what can I say.  It’s not as hot anymore (thank goodness!!) but I still do go for my swim with Daddy and Mitzy.  Lil bro Taco hasn’t been poking me as much, but he’s still barking at the squirrels that hang out in our backyard.  Mommy calls it the “afternoon shift” because they come at like, 3 PM (that’s what you humans say).

I’ve been told that summer is ending… but that don’t mean the party has to!! Signing off for now… WOOF

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