Fallin’ for Fall…

Well, the weather’s officially getting a LIL cooler… But the fun never stops!

Today at the office, Taco tried on a new accessory.  And I gotta say, it’s a PAWTASTIC new look for him.  😂


I tried to take it from him, but he got real yappy and wouldn’t let me touch it.  Just when I thought he would share with me… we had a real good bonding experience this morning, singing together outside Mommy and Daddy’s bathroom.  But I guess that just wasn’t good enough – he always wants to be “THE STAR”.

Speaking of.  Lil bro Taco has now chewed THREE pairs of Mommy’s favorite sandals.  Daddy keeps reordering them, and Mommy keeps trying to hide them, but I watch Taco do his sneak attacks.  Like when Mommy and Daddy aren’t looking, he will HUNT the sandals and chew them.  They’re his fav.  So now, Daddy ordered Mommy’s FOURTH pair – but he says that is IT.

ANYWAY – some other good stuff!  Auntie Ashley sends out what Mommy and Daddy call an “email blast” to hundreds of our friends and stuff!  Are YOU on the list?  Do you WANNA be on the list?  We talk about fun things and cool stuff that’s happening!!

SO, if you wanna be cool like everybody else, email ashley@metropaws.com and say “subscribe” and where you’re from/if you work with any dog related businesses (because dats the best kind).

Stay tuned for some real cool stuff coming real soon… Until then, Stone out! WOOF!

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