Yappy Friday, everyone!

So about that dog I told you Mommy was in the process of rescuing last week??

Well, SHE GOT HER!!!  Our new friend is a girl, and she’s sooo playful and chill!  She loves being quiet and hanging out in her room, but she also loves hanging out with us. 🙂

I was so happy when Mommy and Daddy brought home our new friend.  Lil bro Taco and I instantly started chattin’ her up, and then we stared romping around… but sissy Mitzy was kind of not having it!  She and our new friend would kind of compete for Daddy’s attention (you know, I guess they’re both Daddy’s girls) but Stone and I are CHILL.  I mean, who doesn’t like having new friends?!?

Only thing is, Mommy and Daddy say that we don’t get to keep her around forever. 😦 So, she is going to be “adopted” (that’s what Mommy and Daddy say) but we are “fostering” her for now!  So if you know anyone who wants a new friend (trust me, you do!) and they’re NICE and CARING and RESPONSIBLE… tell ’em to hit us up!!

This is a pic of her.  I’m telling ya, she’s real pretty!!


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