So our house is PACKED now with Mama (that’s the rescue from the warehouse parking lot!) and the rest of us romping around all the time.

Thanksgiving was a fun time!  It was PAWLICIOUS – Mommy and Daddy gave me and the sibs a lil turkey and sweet potato… YUM YUM!!!  Everyone was so excited.

Now Mommy and Daddy say “Christmas” is coming up, now that it is a new month… so they are always playing Christmas music around the house.  Which is nice, because Taco, Mitzy, Mama and I can play and sleep to it.  Depending on our mood. 🙂

They also say Mama might be leaving soon… but I’m a lil worried.  Lil bro Taco and her are like BESTIES.  Taco is always watchin’ out for her… it’s weird because Taco is MY lil bro, but he is HER big bro.  So I totally get where he’s coming from!

Mommy and Daddy took Mama to get fixed the other day, so now she’s gotten all her shots and cleaned up!  Shout out to our other paw of Metro Paws, LOVE AND LICKS FOUNDATION, for sponsoring everything!!

I hope y’all are starting to get in that holiday spirit!  What do Mommy and Daddy say? …oh yeah, it’s THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!


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