Hey everyone!  I’m back!

So I’m real excited because it’s our favorite time of the year… and Mommy and Daddy are saying that we are “expanding our footprint” in L.A.!

This is great because Mommy and Daddy are busy, and when they’re busy it makes me get into the mood of wanting to be busy as well… so of course, I’m just with everyone romping around, hanging out with sissy and lil bro, and occasionally giving them advice.

Last week was Pet Winter Wonderland, and it was a BLAST!  Mommy and Daddy said we really expanded our pack.  And to remind all of y’all, if you ever want to join our pack and stay in the loop of all our shenanigans, email stone@metropaws.com to let me know!!

But hey, if you’re in L.A…. keep an eye out for our NEWEST pack member location!  We can’t wait to show ya… we’ll just say it’s a “one stop shop” for everything. 😉

Catch ya on the flip side!

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