Thanks, Mia!

So with the recent launch of our pawtastic Metro Pads™, Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Ashley are more excited than ever to get feedback on ’em.  They’ve worked super hard at getting their vision right and making them, so if you have anything to say about them, please let ’em know!!

Ms. Mia Hernandez of NYC (my hometown woop woop!) was so nice and wrote us a kind lil email about what she – and her pooch Duchess – thinks of them!!

Her letter:

This past weekend was SUPER COLD in New York City.  Winter is the perfect time to have pads handy for my Duchess.  As soon as we received the shipment, I swapped out old pads for the new ones.  One thing I noticed right away was the thickness and size of the Metro Pads.  Not every pad i’ve been able to purchase locally has met a “standard” length.  The pads covered the entire tray with extra length to tuck and did not slip (I didn’t need the stickers included in box),  which can become an issue after my dog hops off.  Also, I think the thickness of the pads gave her more stability when conducting her business – I didn’t hear her steps circling the tray/pad  (tmi lol).  The stripe design and color is a perfect camouflage for her urine spots too.  I’ve yet to use the other patterns in the box.
The Paw Pads are great and I can’t wait to see them in local stores.  Thank you again for getting them out to me.
Have a great week!
Mia & Duchess
A yappy shoutout to Mia and Duchess for this pawmazing note!  We could not be more grateful or happy that you guys enjoy them.  As for me, I wish I could try ’em out but apparently I’m a lil too old… 😦
Anyway, signing off for now.. until next time! Keep those letters coming! WOOF!
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