One of our beloved pack members, Zeus, just turned three years young – and he wants to celebrate with YOU!

For his birthday, he and his mama Elisa are hosting a giveaway for some lucky winners!

YOU could win some of our swag – one tote, one Poopcase®, one pack of Poopy Packs®, a Love and Licks® tee and two tennis balls – and others’ as well!!


PHASE 1: (April 16th – May 6th)

  • Follow @zeus_goldenretriever on Instagram by TOMORROW the 16th – make sure your profile is visible to the public!
  • Follow us on Instagram – as well as the other pawsome sponsors: @badtags @bronsyandco @kongcompany @lassodogs @naturaldogcompany @nina_ottosson @oceanandsalt @oliveandatlas @orijenpetfood @paneladabela @pawstruckpets @unleashthehounds.
  • Post pictures with any of the following themes: “nature”, “fun”, “happiness”, “sports activities”, “in movement”, “action”, etc. The more creative, the better!
  • In the caption, write “This is my entry for #zeusbirthdaycontest2016 @zeus_goldenretriever.”
  • In the comments below, tag at least 5 of your pals you think would like to participate!
  • Keep in mind you can have unlimited entries and your pics don’t have to be new, but each entry has to be a new post or a re-post!

We can’t wait to have some fun celebrating Zeus’ b-day! Entries are valid only from tomorrow through May 6, so have at it until Phase 2 – which will come later! WOOF!

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