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How about a new channel already?

My baby sister Mitzvah is a puppy… She is small, cute, smelly, and annoying. She snores, farts something nasty but is cuddily and a great pillow! But I love her and protect her in the dog park when I need … Continue reading

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My sister’s 1st bday!

My doggy sister Mitzvah had her 1st birthday today! Birthdays mean ice cream or hamburgers, sometimes even both… Luckily mommy came home with a  cold ice cream for both me and my doggy sister. Even with my new diet she … Continue reading

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Itchin’ for a cure for your doggy’s itchin?

My lil’ sister is part bulldog and because of her short, dry skin she itches a lot. Mitzy’s itching is funny at times, but recently its been concerning my daddy. After meeting a new dog store owner in Brooklyn my … Continue reading

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A New, Cozy dog bed…

Thanks to our friends at Canine Styles for selling my baby sister a new dog bed. My sister has been sleeping on my bed lately and it has become really… well a real nuisance. I would lie down on my … Continue reading

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Booties or No Booties? Choose Wisely

The  weather here in NYC has been different lately… snow, rain, ice, slush and then snow again, really mother nature!?! All this weather makes the streets of NYC messy and slippery. I’m a big dog (86 lbs) so when I … Continue reading

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I won’t let my sister take any poopy

Those that know me know I’m a sweet, low-key, gentle giant and  a real wimp… I don’t compete for attention, tennis balls in the dog park or anything like that.  Usually when I go to the dog park these days … Continue reading

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Stone who?

I know I’m a handsome dog. I’ve been in Ralph Lauren, Saks, Parisian, and other ads but come on is my puppy sister Mitzvah really that cute? The other day my mommy and daddy were interviewed by a NY Daily … Continue reading

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