New Pack Member Alert!

Hey y’all!

Have I told y’all about Uncle Ishaan? He is my new uncle – well, kinda new – and he is super organized and fun.

He comes by the house and also helps takes care of us pups every now and then. ¬†Like, sometimes when Mommy and Daddy are away on vacation or a business trip, Uncle Ishaan will stay with us, and we love hanging out with him. ūüôā

Lately he has been working on helping Mommy and Daddy finding a new gardener to make the grass more fun for me, lil bro Taco and Mitzy to pee on… ¬†Shh… yes, I just said that.

Taco always loves to eat sticks in the backyard when Mommy and Daddy let us, but Mitzy only has some interest. ¬†Maybe it’s because she’s a girl?? ¬†So she’s neater?? ¬†Haha.. only time will tell!

Until next time, peeps!

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Yappy Friday, everyone!

So about that dog I told you Mommy was in the process of rescuing last week??

Well, SHE GOT HER!!! ¬†Our new friend is a girl, and she’s sooo playful and chill! ¬†She loves being quiet and hanging out in her room, but she also loves hanging out with us. ūüôā

I was so happy when Mommy and Daddy brought home our new friend. ¬†Lil bro Taco and I instantly started chattin’ her up, and then we stared romping around… but sissy Mitzy was kind of not having it! ¬†She and our new friend would kind of compete for Daddy’s attention (you know, I guess they’re both Daddy’s girls) but Stone and I are CHILL. ¬†I mean, who doesn’t like having new friends?!?

Only thing is, Mommy and Daddy say that we don’t get to keep her around forever. ūüė¶ So, she is going to be “adopted” (that’s what Mommy and Daddy say) but we are “fostering” her for now! ¬†So if you know anyone who wants a new friend (trust me, you do!) and they’re NICE and CARING and RESPONSIBLE… tell ’em to hit us up!!

This is a pic of her. ¬†I’m telling ya, she’s real pretty!!


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I might get a new friend!

Hey y’all!

Sorry I’ve been kinda taking a snoozer from blogging – lil bro Taco has been keeping me BU-SY!

We had a fun Howl-o-ween and hope you did, too!!! ¬†Mommy and Daddy had some friends over at our crib. ¬†There were lots of belly rubs and rompin’ around. ¬†The usual.

But anyway, for the past couple of days Mommy has been trying to rescue this scared pup underneath this big trailer thing in our warehouse parking lot! ¬†She’s been going out to feed it, give it water and blankets. ¬†She does this so many times every day! ¬†My mommy has the biggest heart and she just wants to give every pup a chance… and she’s been making moves! Hopefully the pup will come out and maybe we can be friends. ūüôā

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.19.25 PM

Stay tuned for more regular yaps coming soon! WOOF!

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Give me LOVE and I’ll give you LICKS!

Auntie Ashley, Mommy and Daddy just finished putting together a BRAND new site for Love and Licks!

Check it out here and read all about our story and stuff: !!!!

And don’t forget to yap wit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We post cool stuff, have giveaways and are always looking to give back to the entire pup community, one pup at a time.

Our pack wants you to¬†remember that Love & Licks¬†are a complete non-profit, 501c3 organization, and so we always appreciate donations of any size – these help us help save these pups’ lives.

Thanks y’all for helping us #PAWITFORWARD!

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Fallin’ for Fall…

Well, the weather’s officially getting a LIL cooler… But the fun never stops!

Today at the office, Taco tried on a new accessory. ¬†And I gotta say, it’s a PAWTASTIC new look for him. ¬†ūüėā


I tried to take it from him, but he got real yappy and wouldn’t let me touch it. ¬†Just when I thought he would share with me… we had a real good bonding experience this morning, singing together outside Mommy and Daddy’s bathroom. ¬†But I guess that just wasn’t good enough – he always wants to be “THE STAR”.

Speaking of. ¬†Lil bro Taco has now chewed THREE pairs of Mommy’s favorite sandals. ¬†Daddy keeps reordering them, and Mommy keeps trying to hide them, but I watch Taco do his sneak attacks. ¬†Like when Mommy and Daddy aren’t looking, he will HUNT the sandals and chew them. ¬†They’re his fav. ¬†So now, Daddy ordered Mommy’s FOURTH pair – but he says that is IT.

ANYWAY – some other good stuff! ¬†Auntie Ashley sends out what Mommy and Daddy call an “email blast” to hundreds of our friends and stuff! ¬†Are YOU on the list? ¬†Do you WANNA be on the list? ¬†We talk about fun things and cool stuff that’s happening!!

SO, if you wanna be cool like everybody else, email and say “subscribe” and where you’re from/if you work with any dog related businesses (because dats the best kind).

Stay tuned for some real cool stuff coming real soon… Until then, Stone out! WOOF!

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Summer’s Over But The Party Ain’t….

Ay yo.

So do you remember how I told y’all that¬†our product¬†won the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award for Pet Product News??

Well I guess they love us so much, they wanted to give us a quick shoutout again!!!


This is Mommy holding our award and THE POOPCASE! ¬†AKA the winner of the award… look how shiny and pretty it is ūüôā

If you wanna look at the full list of all the pawtastic winners, check it out here!

Anyway, if you’re wondering how life’s been… it’s been PAWSOME, what can I say. ¬†It’s not as hot anymore (thank goodness!!) but I still do go for my swim with Daddy and Mitzy. ¬†Lil bro Taco hasn’t been poking me as much, but he’s still barking at the squirrels that hang out in our backyard. ¬†Mommy calls it the “afternoon shift” because they come at like, 3 PM (that’s what you humans say).

I’ve been told that summer is ending… but that don’t mean the party has to!! Signing off for now… WOOF

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Oops, he did it again…

Toozday is always a great day.

Except recently, lil bro Taco has been stirrin up even MORE trouble… SOO SURPRISING!?!

OK. SO BASICALLY, this is what’s been going down.

Daddy bought Mommy not one, not two, but THREE pair of Mommy’s favorite sandals… but each and every time, Taco did this.


Yeah.  Mommy was not pleased.

But then he tried to look all “cute” with sissy later… which looked like this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.41.51 AM

Anyway. More updates to come later… Stoney out! WOOF

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