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That time of the year for a good bath!

If there was a time to go to a groomer and get a nice bath, that time is now… The snow is melting, that nasty rock salt that gets in my paws is gone, but that means there is mud, … Continue reading

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Yes Dogs, No Dogs, Yes Dogs, No Dogs…ummmm???

My parents used to take me to the Duane Reade down the street. The people who work there loved me and never minded if I came in with my mom and dad. Actually, some of the women behind the counter … Continue reading

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Tweet or Bark? I’m a Dog

Lately people have been asking me if I  Tweet, I gotta say I thank you for asking, but, I am a dog people, and I bark! Its already hard enough being a dog that types on the computer, reads and … Continue reading

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The Westminster Dog & Pony Show from within…

We here at metropaws.com are obviously dog lovers.  We are  in NYC and are  so excited  to have the Westminster Dog Show come to our town every year at Madison Square Garden… This year my parents went to a AKC … Continue reading

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My Christmas Gifts from the family

Being a dog during the holidays is tough… The weather is cold, your parents seem extra busy, and there are a lot more people and trees on the streets, and yes there is less space on the curbs for pooping… … Continue reading

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Whew! Am I exhausted After my photo shoot…

Yesterday my mommy, an established art director, hosted a photo shoot for me and my friends for our new site http://www.metropaws.com. It was great fun seeing so many of my friends all in one day, especially since some of them … Continue reading

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Bloggin Is Lots of Work Y’all…

Since my mommy and daddy have been working on the development of our new business http://www.metropaws.com, I have been working really hard at trying to keep everyone up to speed as to what’s going on the city. All of it! … Continue reading

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City Life is effecting my body…

I must be getting older because I’m starting to Limp…again. My right shoulder hurts from all the wear and tear of walking on the concrete, rough digging in the mud and dirt at the parks, playing tons of soccer kicking … Continue reading

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Poor Portland Dogs…

My daddy saw an article the other day about a new dog problem in Portland, Oregon. Supposedly the Oregon Agricultural Department has had a lot of complaints from people that dog owners have had my fellow dogs go into grocery … Continue reading

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The BirdLady

Oh boy…another day and another bird person in NYC. This particular lady decided to take her birds out for a walk, I don’t know if she is buying a pretzel for her or them, or maybe both, but either way, … Continue reading

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