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City Life is effecting my body…

I must be getting older because I’m starting to Limp…again. My right shoulder hurts from all the wear and tear of walking on the concrete, rough digging in the mud and dirt at the parks, playing tons of soccer kicking … Continue reading

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Poor Portland Dogs…

My daddy saw an article the other day about a new dog problem in Portland, Oregon. Supposedly the Oregon Agricultural Department has had a lot of complaints from people that dog owners have had my fellow dogs go into grocery … Continue reading

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The BirdLady

Oh boy…another day and another bird person in NYC. This particular lady decided to take her birds out for a walk, I don’t know if she is buying a pretzel for her or them, or maybe both, but either way, … Continue reading

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Stone’s First Day @ Biscuits & Bath

Summer’s officially here and my dad has an “in” with Biscuits & Bath Doggy gym for the summer. I think he and mommy think this dog needs to socialize a little bit more with other dogs and become a little … Continue reading

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Just call Stone “the Bageler”

My parents bought some bagels and other things from maxdelivery the other day. And as they packed everything up, I had my eyes on those cinnamon raisin mini bagels. They had no idea.  That was two days ago, and tonight … Continue reading

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Peanut…The Bunny who became a Bear?

I, Like most dogs, like stuffed animals, but surprisingly, my mom does too.  When she and my dad went on a recent trip to California, she got a stuffed bunny, she later named Peanut, for Easter. The fuzzy, comfortably stuffed animal … Continue reading

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