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Adoptapalooza’s $796 Success

My parents and I had so much fun at the 1st ever Adoptapalooza event at Washington Square Park! We donated a couple of cases of our Poopy Packs ™ poop bags for a suggested donation of $5 each. We ended … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Everyone love a Squeaky Ball?

Like other dogs out there, I LOVE those Air Kong ™ squeaky tennis balls. I won’t  play with any other  ball at the dog run or at home if it isn’t a Air Kong with a squeaker. But, my parents … Continue reading

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Tweet or Bark? I’m a Dog

Lately people have been asking me if I  Tweet, I gotta say I thank you for asking, but, I am a dog people, and I bark! Its already hard enough being a dog that types on the computer, reads and … Continue reading

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A Bed Made For a King…

Things have been a little busy lately. My parents are working hard to have our new site up, they are in meetings with web developers, dog owners, dog stores, and service providers, and of course Christmas trees and New Years … Continue reading

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Not One, Not two, BUT 3 Santa Pawsss…!

Well…I just had the best morning ever! Not only did I get to meet Santa Paws, but I got to meet 3 Santa Paws!!! Now, I not sure why there are so many, and I really don’t care, all I … Continue reading

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What’s With the 30 lbs or less?

I’m working hard to get my weight down, eating better, getting more exercise, taking vitamins, but I do come from big stock, my mom was 95lbs and my dad was 120lb. SO, there is little way I can get under … Continue reading

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A Big Dog Deserves a Big Bone

Supposedly my parents put me on a dog weight management program for the summer… Hence the Biscuits & Bath summer workout. In addition to everything else I haven’t had treats in days, neither Dog nor human scraps. My parents seem … Continue reading

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Stone Lickin’ some….

My dad made a cake for my mom’s b-day (the co-founder of metropaws.com) today and when he took off his apron I couldn’t help but lick off any icing that was left…mmmm carrot cake with cream cheese icing is yummy…. … Continue reading

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Peanut…The Bunny who became a Bear?

I, Like most dogs, like stuffed animals, but surprisingly, my mom does too.  When she and my dad went on a recent trip to California, she got a stuffed bunny, she later named Peanut, for Easter. The fuzzy, comfortably stuffed animal … Continue reading

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The Hot Weather makes Dog’s pant

So, It is true that I am a 100lb lab, but it has been at least 90 degrees the last two days in NYC. This hot weather has come out of nowhere and I am not ready for such heat.  … Continue reading

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